El Misti Picanteria Arequipeña

El Misti:
  A volcano located in southern Peru, near the city of Arequipa
  A place where spicy food is sold
  Of or from Arequipa, which is a large city in southern Peru

Individual ingredients of a recipe have their own taste, but when combined they have the potential to create irresistible flavors to the human palate. Such is the same for the name of our restaurant. Each word has it’s own meaning, but when combined they convey the image of the zesty flavors that can only be found in Arequipa, a city in the shadows of the volcano El Misti.

We invite you to select any of the dishes in our menu. Each is authentically prepared according to the regional dishes that can be found in Arequipa, located in the shadow of the great “El Misti”.

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